Organizations of all sizes are struggling to cope with application information growth. There is also increased complexity from tightening regulations, new database applications, and legal discovery requirements. As these challenges intensify, so does the amount of customer data to manage and the length of time you’re required to manage it.

Control the Growth of Mission-critical Databases

This daunting scenario poses challenges to line of business owners, IT, and compliance and legal professionals alike.

Structured Data Manager application archiving solution helps you address challenges by effectively migrating eligible transactions off of your Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, or other JDBC-accessible databases while seamlessly preserving data access and integrity to support long-term retention and access requirements.

Structured Data Manager helps to control the growth of mission-critical databases by automating the migration or retirement of data while preserving its business value and meeting the desired access requirements.

Data can be relocated to a separate, online database for fast, transparent access, or to standards-based XML, CSV, or JSON documents for long-term retention based on retention rules and policies that align with your business.

Structured Data Manager enables you to:

  • Archive data from production databases directly to a secondary database with commit consistency and transaction integrity

  • Give business users access to archived data using their native application interface, the WebConsole, or enterprise reporting tools in read- only mode

  • Provide simultaneous access to production and archived data using combined reporting – a single query can run without change from standard application screens or reports

  • Deliver scalable data movement capabilities to support the broadest spectrum of application transaction volumes

  • Provide integrity of production and archive data times, through native database support and transaction consistency models

  • Support native Oracle partitioning and partition swapping for fast data movement while archiving related non-partitioned data together as complete sets

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