If your business is like most today, you store data in a number of systems and information repositories—an approach that has become the norm over the past two decades with rapid advancements in information technology.

Know Your Data Better

But as data volumes continue to increase, you face significant business risks and loss of efficiency because you simply can’t control all the information contained in siloed repositories. Time is wasted looking for a specific document that has not been managed appropriately – and you may not be fully aware of what other information you actually have.

With OpenText Information Governance and file analysis solutions, you can connect and better manage the data in your systems to gain control over information assets across your enterprise. ControlPoint uses the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (Opentext IDOL) Connector framework to identify, analyze, and control diverse types of information stored in enterprise repositories and dark data.

ControlPoint helps you to categorize and apply policy to content indexed by IDOL. A dashboard-style display provides valuable business insight into the themes, locations, and value of your information.

Through IDOL’s connector framework, ControlPoint can access and analyze data from a range of sources – including dark data. Standard connectors provided with ControlPoint, include file shares, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, and Content Manager.

Defining ROT Data: Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial Data Your information footprint can be significantly reduced to provide measurable returns, if redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data can be identified.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain visibility and understanding of business risk associated with information stored in enterprise systems and dark data

  • Automate compliance, legal hold, and retention management based on policy and the conceptual understanding of information across various file formats

  • Perform enterprise data cleanup and defensible disposal by identifying, categorizing, and applying policy to data across enterprise information repositories

  • Set policy to drive more secure management of valuable business content and records either in place or in a secure records repository

  • Better manage content based on business value and lifespan for both compliance and performance improvements

  • Drive your future information governance strategy with better business insight

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