With the rapid rise of mobile devices, visual content has become extremely valuable for business intelligence. With smart image recognition technology, seemingly low value pictures, such as “selfies,” can reveal a great deal about people, their interests, and their environment.

While most companies collect and store images, they do not make use of this valuable resource because of the significant manual efforts required in processing and analysis such data.

Unified text analytics, speech analytics, and video analytics

IDOL is AI for enterprise search, chatbots, government open source intelligence, and unstructured data analytics.

IDOL aggregates diverse forms of structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data using standardized workflows while managing data in place to minimize complexity and storage costs. Connecting to a wide range of disparate data sources repositories and supporting over 1000 document formats, IDOL breaks down data silos for holistic enterprise search and data analytics.

With connectors for 150+ sources and support for over 1000 data types, you can access virtually any data inside and outside your firewall, and index data without relocation or disruption.

Unlike point analytics tools focused on specific data types, IDOL – powered by proven AI technologies in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Neural Networks – unifies unstructured data analytics across text, video, and audio data for extracting maximum data value in delivering holistic insights to accelerate better decisions

Intelligent Data Discovery enables unprecedented information access with dynamic, data-led discovery (underpinned by AI continuously learning from search results) to optimize search paths and maximize relevancy, while connectivity expands to cover virtually all web-based data sources, including the Dark Web.

Many of the Visual Server media analytics features have traditionally been connected to specific industries, for example, facial recognition for security or barcode reading for consumer merchandising.

However, as cameras and digital images continue to reach more areas of everyday life, there is the potential for all businesses to leverage the power of image analytics. The ability to run all facets of image analysis together leads to a more efficient and improved workflow.

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