Our infrastructure portfolio includes

Data storage

Through contact with customers, BCC has identified business needs related to information technology, highly available

Servers and engineer

Fujitsu PRIMERGY and PRIMEFLEX product families are at the top among strong virtual server competition

Fujitsu hpc

High-Performance Computing or Super-computers are computers that can process the unthinkable in an extremely short time

Virtualization is the act of isolating or separating one computer resource from another

Network illustration

Server virtualization optimizes HW resources by consolidating servers and using them more efficiently, with faster deployment

Desktop types

Desktop virtualization is the separation of the desktop, operating system, and end applications

The work of business users directly depends on the ability to keep their IT data and applications in full function


When designing the portfolio of solutions for the infrastructure platform, we base SAP HANA solutions

cloud illustration

A private cloud is one where solutions and infrastructure are located on their own network, owned by the organization that uses them