The data storage and data protection system’s service fully covers everything related to data storage and protection, as well as proactive maintenance services for complete hardware and software infrastructure. In this way, user can achieve many resource savings, from capital investments to human resources.

The Data Storage and Data Protection Systems service includes the installation and configuration of equipment, data migration, maintenance of systems, at the user’s location, in the cloud or in combination, and the level of service provided can be defined by specific requirements through SLA (Service Level Agreement).

BCC Services provides users with complete solutions for targeted IT environments. With a combination of hardware and software from the world’s leading manufacturers, together with the services of top certified professionals, we adapt solutions to the business needs of users.

Comprehensive data storage and data protection solutions ensure that your information will be available and stored securely in a timely manner.

Data protection solutions

Optimal sizing and choice of data storage and data protection systems enables the user to:

  • Protect against local system or site outages

  • Meet aggresive RPO and RTO requirements

  • Harness the cloud to modernize your data recovery environment

  • Eliminate accidental data loss

  • Recover quickly from ransomware, virus or other malicious attacks

  • Prevent data corruption

  • Comply with stringent goverment regulations

  • Manage data security efferently across storage tiers

  • Meet disaster recovery and archival requirements without compromising data security

BCC Services offers >>NetApp<< and >>CommVault<< storage system and data protection solutions.