Business, research and development systems require the highest levels of performance and reliability to meet growing business demands. Similarly, business process applications and data are key drivers of business growth for companies of all sizes.

An High Performance Computing (HPC) system was chosen for its ability to accommodate the wide range of workloads from various business units across the company, its overall reliability, its ability to integrate with systems and existing data, and quick implementation time.

The following benefits make HPC a logical choice for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB):

  • Analytics power
    The ability to easily handle the most demanding compute workloads

  • Flexibility
    A wide choice of configurations to tightly integrate advanced processing, low-latency storage, GPU acceleration, and high-speed communication fabric

  • Energy efficiency
    Advanced compute, storage, and interconnectivity tightly integrated to reduce energy costs

  • Reliability
    Ultra-high system reliability and flexibility to keep critical business processes running

  • Scalability
    Advanced technology that’s flexible and expandable to future-proof your data center

  • Minimized risk
    HPC system components are highly optimized to work together compared with disparate systems deployed over time

  • Improved Price for Performance
    Density of compute per rack delivers greater value

HPC for Manufacturing and Engineering Analysis

Insights from HPC systems enable predictive maintenance for complex systems, industry-related supply chain components and a wide range of devices. Manufacturing use cases that demand the power of HPC include data modeling and simulations, manufacturing line process efficiency analysis, and materials science and optimization for the manufacturing of parts themselves.

HPC for Financial Services

Banks and other companies in the financial sector have led the way in terms of using HPC and low-latency systems for trading. Beyond big data and analytics, HPC systems are helping these companies to process payments sooner, issue cards more quickly, and respond to a growing number of customers’ financial needs to enhance customer service and satisfaction.

HPC for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Pharmaceutical companies are performing chemical analysis and drug trial data processing on HPC systems due to their power and reliability. Other healthcare advancements include both centralized and remote health device data analytics, community and global population health analytics, and large-scale trends analysis and data visualization for disease discovery and control.

HPC for Oil and Gas

For companies in the energy industry who need to find, extract and market hydrocarbon products faster, safer, and more efficiently, HPC solutions dramatically advance the state of science and accelerate innovation with advanced simulation and analytics capabilities.

Simulation, made possible only by the raw compute and graphics power of HPC, is not only a more efficient method of research and development, but safer than real-world testing for many disciplines.

IoT Processing and HPC

The Internet of Things is driving digital transformation and uncovering new business opportunities. Collecting and analyzing your business’s data for all of its hidden, yet valuable insights, requires optimized communication, data acquisition and storage technology, and the ability to process data and provide responses in real time.

BCC Services offer HPC solutions based on Fujitsu and Lenovo solutions.