Cloud computing has benefits for numerous types of organizations, but as is the case with many new and powerful technologies, it is easy for those considering adopting cloud to get caught up in the hype that surrounds it. In order to fully benefit from a move to the cloud, organizations must make a number of important decisions.

First, organization must decide what kind of cloud environment to adopt. While hyperscale public cloud providers include some famous companies with familiar names, for many organizations, a private cloud is a more appropriate choice.

The Private Cloud solution is ideal for users who do not want to invest in their own infrastructure but do not want to give up the benefits of private cloud. To determine if it will benefit from deploying a private cloud, an organization should evaluate its flexibility, security, compliance, and cost requirements.

It should also consider the applications it uses and what environment is suitable for them, and its own capacities. A quality service provider offering hosted private cloud solutions can help with these evaluations, and make recommendations specific to the organization.

Private cloud

Use Private Cloud Solutions for:

  • high availability
    virtualization software takes care of availability in case of failure of some part of the system

  • flexibility
    the ability to managize load location (private cloud, public cloud, hybrid)

  • security
    a higher level of data control by implementing various security protocols (encryption, tunneling, private IP)

  • scalability
    higher level of scalability using public cloud infrastructure resources

BCC Services offers Private Cloud solutions from Vmware, Citrix, RedHat, NetApp, Fujitsu, Commvault, Lenovo.