Automatically Enhance the Quality of Scanned Images for More Precise Data Downstream. When it comes to the content your company captures, there’s a domino effect on the quality of the scans and efficiency of the capture process.

Perfect Image Every Time

If documents take too much time to sort and prepare and imperfect images are sent to business processes, the success of downstream data extraction and retrieval is affected.

Kofax VRS Elite® is a patented image enhancement and perfection software that dramatically improves manual scanning productivity and the efficiency of document capture processes. It’s like having a quality control operator cleaning your toughest documents and revealing data so you can access accurate information when and where you need it.

By dynamically evaluating each page and automatically applying the correct image quality settings, including enhancement, deskew, orientation, cropping and format, the solution reduces document preparation time. Color and black-and-white documents can be scanned together without sorting, and improved accuracy of OCR and/or ICR character recognition means fewer manual tasks and less operator intervention.

Eliminate the need to rescan with automatic image correction, regardless of color, size, contrast, condition or content. Simple tools in the document imaging software enable operators to make quick repairs without having to touch the original document.

Whether you’re scanning blueprints, wrinkled paper, security paper or another type of document that has challenged traditional scanning software, Kofax VRS Elite™ ensures crisp, clean images.

Dramatically increase the accuracy of your character recognition (OCR and ICR) software by delivering it cleaner images for better processing downstream.

Key Features

  • No Customization Required

  • Hole Punch Removal

  • Blank Page Deletion

  • Perfect Images

  • Managed Software Deployment

  • Color Detection and Smoothing

  • Automatic Crop and Deskew

  • Network-Friendly Images

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