By automating what were previously labor-intensive, inefficient, error-prone and time-consuming document processing tasks, Kofax Transformation can significantly reduce labor costs, boost productivity and efficiency, accelerate business processes, and better engage and empower customers.

A Single Platform for Document Capture and Transformation

Kofax Transformation uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to recognize and understand any document. It automatically classifies and extracts invoices, orders, enrollment and claim forms, mailroom documents, mortgages, contracts, correspondence, and much more.

Its cognitive machine learning technologies save time in initial configuration and ongoing maintenance, and its high levels of automation and exception handling efficiency deliver rapid payback.

Robotic process automation (RPA) accelerates the reliable acquisition, understanding and integration of information from legacy, 3rd party and web-based systems, so your business processes execute faster. But what about information from unstructured information sources, such as documents, email attachments, etc.?

Kofax cognitive document automation uses artificial intelligence and OCR to automate the acquisition, understanding, and integration of documents needed in your business processes. Kofax cognitive automation extends the capability of RPA, allowing you to automate more and more of your processing.

Kofax cognitive automates the processing of unstructured data contained in documents and emails – the intelligent “head work” of understanding what the document or email is about, what information it contains, and what to do with it.

Robotic process automation, on the other hand, automates repetitive manual tasks that interact with websites and applications, trigger responses and communicate with systems – the repetitive “hand work” of processing electronic data.

Together, RPA and Kofax Cognitive automate both electronic data capture and document capture.

Key Features

  • Create digital images from documents received or imported from multiple sources, such as mobile, email, MFPs, web, fax, scanners, files/folders, XML/EDI, and web services

  • Capture documents from back office data centers, front offices, remote offices or directly from customers

  • Image perfection of scanned and imported documents, making them process ready

  • Automatically classify and separate documents to determine what they are and where they should go

  • Automatically OCR, extract and validate data from documents, automating manual data entry tasks – including support for machine print, handprint, cursive, barcodes, bubbles, checkboxes, tables and mailing addresses

  • Intelligently automate any document type, including invoices, orders, enrollment and claim forms, mailroom documents, mortgages, contracts, correspondence and bank checks

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