Popular online retailers and entertainment platforms have set a high bar for delighting customers—and they continue to raise it.

Turn Smartphones and Tablets into Advanced Document-Capture Devices

If your mobile application falls short of the standards set by these companies, your customers are likely to leave negative reviews and might even take their business elsewhere.

Delivering a great mobile capture experience for customers is, therefore, a top priority. Often, however, companies struggle to manage multiple, disparate mobile technologies, and wholesale replacement of existing technology is rarely feasible. A single platform capable of ingesting data from any channel, including mobile, and that allows you to replace or supplement disparate solutions on your schedule and over time can help you engage your customers on the channel they prefer.

The Kofax Mobile Capture™ SDK powers the data capture module of mobile applications to ensure document capture and data extraction work correctly the first time, every time. It controls lighting conditions and camera focus, provides guidance instructions, and auto-captures the document.

After the document is captured, patented Virtual ReScan (VRS) image-perfection technology cleans up, de-skews and reduces the image size.

VRS optimizes the image for both data extraction and network transmission, resulting in a near-real time experience. As an integral part of the flexible solution, the SDK enables you to provide your customers with the frictionless mobile capture experience they expect.

Capture and perfect any document, regardless of size or dimension. Mobile ID on-device OCR data extraction eliminates both network and server latency and provides your customers with a real-time experience, and patented image processing technology ensures superior image quality.

Key Features

  • Data Extraction in Real Time

  • Customizable Video Capture

  • Advanced Analytics Insights

  • Capture of any Document Type

  • High-Quality Image Processing

  • Flexible Document Sizes

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