RedHat is a multinational software company that delivers open-source software to small, medium-sized and large companies around the world.

Producer of open source operating system. Founded in 1993, now has about 3.700 employees and more than a billion dollars in annual revenue.

BCC Services is a Red Hat Advanced Business Partner with:

– Data Center Infrastructure specialization: Platform, Platform Migration i Virtualization)

– Cloud Infrastructure specialization: Cloud Management, IaaS i PaaS

Red Hat in 1999. was the first Linux system in which SAP implemented its software solution and from that moment onwards supported by SAP as an operating system, and today in the era of modern SAP HANA solution, Red Hat is one of the two operating systems officially Certified for SAP HANA infrastructure platform. Support for clustering, load balancing and distributed filesystems.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides the foundation for many High Performance Computing (HPC) software stacks and is available across multiple hardware architectures. It is at the core of Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat OpenShift, both of which are part of many HPC environments.

Why choose RedHat

  • Operational system certified for SAP HANA solution in single-node, scale-out multi-node and clustered operating modes

  • Excellent support (available through three different subscription levels)

  • Thoroughly tested versions of packages that reduce the risk of operating system maintenance

  • Long term support for products (10 years for each version) that greatly reduces maintenance costs

  • A large number of compatible software packages (de-facto Linux standard) specifically for commercial application support

BCC Services is a long-standing Red Hat partner, and from 2020. the holder of the “Advanced-Solution provider” of partnership status, with two specialization: “Data Center Infrastructure” with the following Skills: Platform, Platform Migration and Virtualization and “Cloud Infrastructure” with the following skills: Cloud Management, IaaS and PaaS.

In addition to formal partnership status, BCC Services has significant experience in designing, implementing and supporting SAP HANA infrastructure platforms based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP.