Kawasaki – May 13, 2024

Supercomputer Fugaku retains first place worldwide in HPCG and Graph500 rankings : Fujitsu Global

The Fugaku Supercomputer Retains First Place in HPCG and Graph500 World Rankings

The Fugaku supercomputer, jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, has retained the top spot for nine consecutive periods on the HPCG and Graph500 BFS rankings. It also holds fourth place on the TOP500 and HPL-MxP lists. Fugaku is utilized in various fields, including natural sciences, disaster prevention, energy, manufacturing, and socioeconomic applications.

Fujitsu is developing the FUJITSU-MONAKA, a high-performance ARM processor, and has been involved in the development of Fugaku-LLM, a large language model for the Japanese language, which is used for innovative research and business development. Fujitsu offers Fugaku-LLM through a research portal, allowing free testing of advanced technologies. Fujitsu will continue to advance the technology and promote its application for various real-world challenges.