Application “Technical documentation” in oil company., is the result of work on the project of building an information system of technical documentation.

The application consists of two basic parts:

  1. Application for documentarians in charge of preparation, processing, entry and indexing of technical documentation.
  2. Application for users of technical documentation who have the right to search, view and save technical documentation available in electronic format.

The software solution is based on document and record management software and enables the administration, archiving and online use of various technical documentation. The application primarily serves to archive refinery blueprints and enables storage of data and digitised documents in the archive system, organisation of documentation into logical units, monitoring and controlling of document versions, search and online use of data and documents by authorised end users.

Company for oil and gas exploration and production Technical documentation

The application ‘Technical Documentation’ is the result of work on the project of building an information system of technical documentation in company. The application enables the recording and storage of various types of digitized documents, as well as the search, browsing and online usage of digitized technical documentation.

The application solution consists of two modules:

  • Application for documentalists for input and administration of data and documents
  • Application for users who only use data and documents.

The documentation is divided into the following units or types of documents:

  • Oil drill hole files
  • Studies
  • Maps
  • CD files.

Each document, regardless of the type, consists of one or more files (scanned document) and metadata that describes the contents of the file: e.g. in the case of drill hole files it is the name of the drill hole, field, etc. CD files are an exception because they are only used to store data without adding digital content.

Part of the metadata is specific only to a certain type of document, and part of the metadata is common to all types of documentation, so the search is possible both within a particular type of documentation or for all types at the same time.

Document search

Using the ‘Search’ option, documents can be searched by all features specific to a particular document type, and all documents can be searched by common features.

All documents in the system, regardless of type, can be searched by common metadata.

The search result is a list of documents that meet the specified criteria. Search results provide easy insight into document details and documents (files) with digitised document content.