An application which by applying the Content Management functionality, enables the recording and management of HRT production archive to uniquely record, search and use data about digitised and physical archives.

The solution consists of three modules

  • Archival audio-visual material
    Records of archival audio-visual material of Croatian Television. Integration with the ‘AV Media Repository’ application to enable end-users to search and use the data needed to create a new TV programme

  • Newspaper documentation
    An application that enables digitisation, indexing and archiving of newspaper documentation, with the aim of ensuring that the end-users can have the opportunity to search and use newspaper articles online

  • Photo archive
    Application for indexing and saving digitised photos; storage of original digital photographs and digitisation of paper photographs and slides

AV media storage

An application based on Micro Focus Content Manager software that enables the recording of physical archives (e.g. videotapes) and support for the operation of HTV audio-visual media repositories. The application is available via the Web interface to all users who have the right to borrow and use AV media to prepare and broadcast TV programs.

INDOK is a solution for managing a multimedia archive, which has been on the market since 1963 and has been managing the HRT archive ever since. As part of the state archives, it acts as a central public repository of multimedia content, including documents of great historical and cultural significance.

The main tasks of the INDOK department include the collection, management and storage of multimedia content, with the possibility of advanced search and maximum protection for the long-term preservation of national heritage.

Special attention has been paid to unconventional publications, documents on non-standard carriers (media) with various recording technologies, including old technologies abandoned many years ago, but still needed to read these records.