As part of Finance 2020 program (hereinafter FIN2020), the E-invoice project was launched, which, in addition to implementing e-invoices and replacing paper copies, also covers the automation of the process of invoicing and sending and receiving, filing and accrediting e-invoices.

FIN2020 E-invoice consists of several project tasks aimed at increasing the number of e-invoices compared to paper copies and automating the processes of sending and receiving e-invoices.

One of the tasks is to automate the processing of filing e-invoices received through the EDI method, with suppliers no longer sending paper invoices.

Basic steps in the automatic processing of e-invoices in the EUZ ISAS system:

  1. Download e-invoices from TranBP system
  2. Determining whether the invoice should be processed automatically
  3. e-invoice validation
  4. Defining the SAP invoice type and invoice sort
  5. Filing e-invoices
  6. Sending data to the SAP system.

integration of SAP Invoice application with SAP Fiori, within the Touch, to Approve project

As part of the Finance 2020 program (hereinafter FIN2020), the Touch to Approve project was launched, which includes the implementation of various SAP and NonSAP applications on users’ smartphones.

The aim of the project is to continue the implementation of SAP Fiori solutions that will:

  • Simplify and speed up the approval of various workflow tasks
  • Increase users productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a coherent interface
  • Have the ability to approve daily tasks from the INA network and outside via smartphones or tablets.

Approval of FI supplier invoices

New UI5 Fiori application for FI invoices approval. The application was developed using the Fiori Design Guidelines, so the application is simple and comfortable to use.

Integration with the current web application has been achieved, through the implementation of the RESTful web service that provides the functionality previously available through the SAPInvoice web application used to approve FI invoices through SAP Gui.

The main functionalities of the web application currently are:

Access to the requested invoice image

Ability to enter feedback on a specific invoice or specific image item

Ability to define the reason for rejection and adding a comment to the entire invoice or to one specific invoice item

Ability to see detailed feedback and decisions of all previous approvals of a specific invoice

Ability to see a short decision summary of all previous decisions.

Since INA’s requirement is to ensure the full integration of the SAP Fiori application that will provide users with the complete experience currently available through the SAP client, but on a modern web interface within the SAP Fiori platform, BCC Services ltd. enabled the implementation of the RESTful web service that restores JSON objects and enables SAP Fiori developers to develop an interface similar to the existing SAP Invoice web application, with exactly the same functionality.