The invoice archive system is used for archiving the following types of invoices:

  • Incoming e-Invoices

  • Retail invoices from petrol stations

  • Outgoing invoices from SAP

  • INA Card invoices archived from the INA card system

Archiving incoming e-invoices

Archiving the system’s e-invoice is a necessary prerequisite for enabling the transfer of e-invoices without an additional paper version between company and the selected suppliers.

Archiving outgoing invoices

Outgoing invoices archiving is started from the SAP system. This type of process requires archiving multiple versions of outgoing invoices with different print time and a rendered PDF file.

Archiving retail invoices

The archiving of retail invoices is performed by the Windows service by taking the files which tranBP has saved in the shared directory. It should be noted that the XML file is simpler than the one for e-invoices and contains only the basic data needed for archiving. Current invoices and invoices from earlier years are obtained as a set of ZIP files.

Archiving Company Card invoices

Archiving Company card invoices is a process similar to the process of archiving e-invoices. The difference is that it does not use tranBP and the e-invoice format is not completely identical, but it also uses the UBL 2.0 format.