Kofax module called Kofax Transformation Modules, (hereinafter referred to as KTM). This module offers two application options as standard. One option is the Rule-Based application, i.e. the application based on rules, and the other is Learning-Based (Machine Learning), i.e. the application based on learning.

It should be noted that KTM can also function by combining both principles: Rule-Based and Learning Based, in such a way that if the method based on the principle of learning does not achieve a level of confidence of a preferred one (for example 80%), then the principle of defining the document type based on rules applies.

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) is a package of additional applications over the Kofax Capture platform that simplifies the transformation of documents into structured electronic information, ready for any business process. Documents are scanned through Kofax Capture, and KTM processes data in structured areas of documents needed to maintain business processes.

KTM is a very valuable tool because it replaces the manual, error-prone and expensive process of data entry and document sorting with automatic document classification and data separation and extraction. KTM is a powerful tool that drastically reduces costs and improves efficiency and profitability.

KTM works with Kofax Capture as a unique solution for accepting all business content of the company in any format, including the acceptance of PDF documents from the e-mail, paper forms and electronic data received, for example, via FTP. All this is contained in one user’s solution that brings all scanned and loaded documents to one place.

Intelligent document recognition and advanced content input are very powerful tools that KTM uses for content recognition and intelligently assigns this data to the appropriate forms and fields so that the user does not have to process it manually.

Data entry is a very expensive, slow and error-prone process. In this process, companies can no longer afford further investments. A solution like KTM takes the company’s business to the next level and it is possible to see a significant cost recovery quickly. In the following are some of the technologies that make KTM so precise:

Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR)

This technology, sometimes simply referred to as classification, allows companies to rely on software to sort and identify different documents, with little or no manual intervention.

Automatic Data Extraction (ADE)

Once the content is classified, the next step is to extract the data from the documents.

Featured PDF Support (Native PDF Support)

This feature is perfect in environments where incoming invoices, e-mail attachments, and other office documents come into the system in PDF format. With built-in PDF support in KTM, there is no need to convert into images before processing and ensures that clients can take advantage of a single solution for all content, whether paper or electronic.

Measurement improvements (Benchmarking)

KTM provides new measurement tools for comparing results and continuously monitors and improves automatic separation, classification and extracting of data. This allows customers a higher ROI and work efficiency.

Kofax Search and Matching Server (KSMS)

Enables very fast data search for very large databases with 64-bit support, load balancing and additional high availability features.