e-Administrative Office is an application solution for IT support for the process of resolving cases of administrative and non-administrative proceedings

The application provides IT support for the cases undergoing administrative proceedings.

Support is provided in the form of storage of all documents and information related to them, in a systematic way that enables finding and reusing them when necessary.

The application solution consists of the e-Administrative Office application used by administrative office staff and clerks which enables document scanning, working on cases, searching through archived documents, and reporting.

The following basic functionality is provided:

  • Capture, archive and usage of all documents in digital form – electronic archives

  • Document archive and data support from the registration record for simple identification and storage in the appropriate case / file

  • Monitoring and controlling different versions of documents

  • Search by metadata and document content

  • Controlled and selective access to documents – depending on the level of granted access permits

The solution enables filing acts and accompanying documents, distribution of cases to clerks, support of the case resolution process, preparation of decisions and rulings, distribution to all participants in the process, and monitoring of activities and documents created during the proceedings, maintaining links between all documents related to the subject, and disposing of them in a systematic manner, searching for delayed documents and displaying information obtained on the basis of such a search.

The application solution also provides a series of reports necessary to monitor the cases and the efficiency of the operation of the system and employees.