Compliance with data privacy laws presents ever-increasing difficulties for companies that conduct business on a global scale. Any global enterprise is likely to be liable for maintaining compliance with many different data privacy laws originating from many different legislative bodies at all levels of government.

Maintaining compliance has become so difficult and complex a task that it exceeds the capabilities of a single person, or even a single department. Compliance must now be considered an organization-wide effort, and an organization-wide priority.

Unfortunately, maintaining compliance is only going to increase in complexity and difficulty. The GDPR regulation made compliance significantly more difficult and more important for many companies around the globe. That’s a trend that will likely continue as more laws are enacted.

Geography provides little protection for companies that might struggle to maintain compliance with laws such as the GDPR and CCPA. Companies that collect the personal data of citizens of governmental entities that have enacted these laws must comply, no matter the companies’ geographic locations, and are liable to enforcement actions for compliance failures.

Micro Focus offers a range of solutions that work together in providing unequalled support in enabling regulatory compliance and mandates. The Micro Focus solutions focus upon three key business activities that must be conducted carefully to avoid compliance shortfalls: security, information archiving, and information lifecycle management.