Despite the growth of document sharing and instant messaging platforms, email remains the leading form of communication in the enterprise. The average user sends a median of 30 emails and receives a median of 100 and spends more than 150 minutes per day doing work in email.

Best-of-breed email encryption security solution that ensures privacy compliance

That adds up to an average of 2.5 hours a day working in email. In addition, 98% of the bits that flow through a typical corporate email system are attachments. Clearly, email is the environment in which much of our business takes place and is still the collaboration platform of choice.

Email is the de facto way for how companies communicate especially outside their firewalls. If not properly protected, email can be one of the most vulnerable systems in a company’s infrastructure. The challenge is to implement a secure email system that complies with all regulations and is easy to integrate with existing business systems. From an IT perspective, email infrastructure is in constant need of protection. Failure can put companies at risk for losses measured in the millions of dollars.

Voltage SecureMail provides corporations with end-to-end encryption of all emails and files. This means encryption of individual emails and files from their point of origin—no matter what device type they originate from—all the way along their lifecycle, without any air gaps. That means all internal and external emails can be protected even from internal admins.

And that offers complete privacy control (even from Microsoft) by encrypting emails before they get to Office 365 servers. By encrypting emails when generated on desktop, mobile or web, Voltage SecureMail eliminates privacy and security concerns, because all content is encrypted end-to-end before reaching the Office 365 cloud.

Voltage SecureMail client software adds a simple “Send secure” button to send encrypted email from most devices. The Voltage SecureMail mobile application is compatible with most mobile operating systems.

The desktop plug-in adds an encryption button to outlook and all Office applications. And the web interface enables customers and recipients to view secure email on any device.

Voltage SecureMail Peace of Mind:

  • Voltage SecureMail enables end-to-end data protection, full privacy, and confidentiality on Office 365

  • Voltage SecureMail adds multiple usability features that make encryption easy to use. In addition, it provides a full-featured solution to protect collaboration in the cloud

  • Voltage SecureMail offers flexible deployment options—in the cloud, on-premise, or on a hybrid model that allows companies to migrate to the cloud at their own speed and convenience

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