Irvine, CA – April 23, 2024

GenAI Enhancements Highlight the Next Wave of Product Innovation across the Tungsten Automation Portfolio of Solutions | Tungsten Automation

New wave of innovation in GenAI-led Tungsten Automation portfolio

Tungsten Automation announces new GenAI-led products and improvements, reaffirming its commitment to delivering reliable, scaled and proven technological excellence to its global customers.

Major innovations include:

A copilot for extraction that allows users to describe the data they want to retrieve from a document in natural language, revolutionizes data retrieval while reducing time to deployment by up to 80%, increasing accuracy and direct processing rates (STP).

InvoiceAgility that facilitates invoice processing by integrating a global e-invoicing network and supporting almost all invoice formats.

Printix 2.2 offers advanced administrative features that simplify management and improve workflow capabilities. It stands out with its multi-SAP platform and SaaS Cloud Print solution.

Power PDF 5.1 brings improvements in 3D PDF visualization and cloud licensing flexibility.

Each product release is specifically designed to simplify how customers use our software to drive productivity, improve efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience across the banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, supply chain, and the public sectors sector.