BCC SERVICES with its many years of experience in the implementation and maintenance of complex IT infrastructures through different maintenance models enables full control of your IT infrastructure (in whole or part of it). By continuously investing in the expertise of our architects, system engineers and technicians, we can respond to all the challenges that your IT environment places before us.

Nowadays when cost optimisation and maximum utilization of existing investments and potentials are a priority, the following characteristics of BCC SERVICES Support Services can help meet the objectives:

  • focus on proactively maintaining and optimising existing infrastructure and services

  • lower the price of the service compared to other forms of cooperation
  • flexibility in agreeing the scope and quantity of the engagement required

  • the possibility of carrying out smaller projects, modifying services and infrastructure through the consumption of hours

  • possibility of escalating incidents to the third party, for example, NetApp, Redhat, Microsoft

  • engagement of TAM (Technical Account Manager)

Support Services

As part of the maintenance contract, we offer:

Incident Management

The incident implies any event other than the standard part of the equipment’s operation that causes or may cause disruption or reduced quality of service. The aim is to restore the service to normal as soon as possible with as little impact as possible on the customer’s business, at acceptable costs.

BCC Services offers an elaborate incident management system by logging an incident by phone, email or service desk system.

Reactive support

Reactive support involves performing an intervention on call by the user. BCC Services will resolve the problem with advice, instructions over the phone or remote access to the system and, if necessary, by going to the user’s location, with the aim of remedying the problem in time in accordance with contractual obligations.

Proactive support

We pay great attention to the proactive maintenance of the system, when we apply the best practices of equipment manufacturers or software solutions that are in our portfolio.

We monitor the performance of the information system and the “overall health” of the system, regularly apply patches recommended by equipment manufacturers or software solutions, and inform users in a timely manner about the new versions of the system we maintain.

Consultancy services

As part of maintenance, BCC Services also offers consulting services aimed at improving existing user systems.

Professional workshops

In agreement with the user, we are able to provide additional user education, which aims to improve internal knowledge about the systems that the user uses.

Documentation of the entire IT system as well as subsequent changes

When take over maintenance, BCC Services conducts an analysis of the user system on the basis of which it produces detailed technical documentation of the system. Great importance is dedicated to the continuous updating of the technical documentation.