Service in Zagreb is the first level of customer service in Croatia. For hardware and software maintenance services, BCC Services enters into contractual relationships with customers, and the price depends on the type of equipment and service.

The service has spare parts, tools, and trained personnel, as well as vehicles to respond to every call in a timely manner. BCC Services’ central service for Croatia is in Zagreb. BCC Services owns a spare parts warehouse with all major spare parts and with complete workstations and servers that serve as replacement equipment or spare parts equipment.

In providing hardware and software maintenance services, the primary goal of BCC Service is to ensure the required or better level of service. All calls to the service are registered and resolved in the central service in Zagreb, with organized support as needed and in the mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For hardware and software maintenance services BCC Services d.o.o. offers multi-year contracts that provide the end-user with the desired maintenance conditions.

BCC Services has an organized Helpdesk, a central point of support for customers. All calls for intervention are received in one place, recorded in the database, and procedures for solving the problem are determined. The Helpdesk employs qualified staff who are trained to work with the equipment and programs supplied by the BCC.