Kawasaki – May 28, 2024

Fujitsu unveils 1FINITY T250, an optical transmission solution that enables new connectivity services to achieve IOWN initiative : Fujitsu Global

Fujitsu Introduces 1FINITY T250 Optical Transport Solution

Fujitsu has introduced the FUJITSU Network 1FINITY T250, an optical transport solution aimed at realizing the IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) initiative, with sales starting on May 14, 2024. This system enhances the reliability of existing optical networks and enables new services for telecom operators and broadcasters, including telemedicine and remote construction. The 1FINITY T250 implements an All-Photonics Network (APN), offering higher bandwidth, lower latency, and reduced energy consumption. Equipped with latency tuning technology, it mitigates risks of failures due to unpredictable factors such as natural disasters or equipment relocation. This ensures more stable transmission without service interruptions.