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Fujitsu announces AMD generation of PRIMERGY M2 series servers

Fujitsu has launched the PRIMERGY AMD M2 system, powered by 4th generation AMD EPYC™ series processors. Fujitsu PRIMERGY AMD M2 servers are designed to enable seamless workflow, particularly for computationally intensive digital processes, ensuring uninterrupted and hassle-free everyday operations.

They are ideal for both traditional and new workloads, including generative artificial intelligence, LLM deep-learning, virtualized environments, cloud computing environments, and HPC.

The Fujitsu PRIMERGY server RX1440 M2 provides mono-socket performance with a large number of CPU cores combined with exceptionally large memory configuration capabilities featuring 4th generation AMD EPYC™ series processors in a 1U form factor.

The Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server RX2450 M2 offers high core count performance and flexible configuration options with 4th generation AMD EPYC™ series processors in a 2U format.