Tokyo, February 27, 2023

Fujitsu accelerates efforts to commercialize private 5G and edge computing services in series of connectivity trials with Microsoft : Fujitsu Global

Fujitsu accelerates the commercialization of private 5G and edge computing services in a series of trials in collaboration with Microsoft

As part of its presentation at MWC Barcelona on February 23, Fujitsu announced on February 27 its progress in a series of interoperability tests conducted in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Microsoft) to verify the integration between Fujitsu’s 5G network technology and Microsoft Azure Private MEC. By combining Fujitsu’s 5G technology, including base stations and applications, with Microsoft’s Azure Private 5G Core, a solution for telecom operators and enterprises, Fujitsu has successfully launched one of the first Japanese private 5G platforms in a commercial environment in this trial. The new platform enables stable communication and flexible responsiveness to network and application loads without the need for complicated management or configuration.