PALO ALTO, Calif., March 13, 2024

Broadcom Extends Technology and Volume Leadership on AI Optical Components

Broadcom VCSEL and EML Leading in AI Optical Components Technology

On March 13th, Broadcom Inc. announced several major achievements, expanding its market leadership with an enhanced portfolio of solutions for optical interconnect applications in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Broadcom’s state-of-the-art optical technologies facilitate high-speed interconnections for front-end and back-end networks of large generative AI computer clusters.

VCSEL and EML technologies play a crucial role in enabling fast interconnections for AI and ML systems. Broadcom’s 200G VCSEL and EML products continue the successful implementation of 100G/lane VCSEL and EML chips in first-generation generative AI networks, providing unmatched throughput and interconnect density for next-generation interconnects. Both families of Broadcom products represent proven and reliable technologies that will enable integration partners to leverage existing capacity as end-users advance to 1.6T optical transceivers, ushering in the era of terabit connectivity.