September 30, 2023

This month, we proudly celebrate our anniversary, recalling the establishment of the domestic company ICL d.o.o. on November 30, 1990, from which today’s BCC Services originated.

However, the company has been operating in Croatia since 1969, initially under the name Zastupstvo ICL-a, then as ICL d.o.o., later as Fujitsu Services, and now as BCC Services. The company initially operated as a representative of ICL, a global IT corporation based in London. Since 1990, as soon as regulations permitted direct business operations, its own domestic company, ICL d.o.o., was established and registered on November 30, 1990. It was the first branch of an international IT company in the former Yugoslavia.

From April 2002, ICL underwent global reorganization and changed its name to Fujitsu Services. The office in Croatia has been operating under the name Fujitsu Services d.o.o. since then. Local management took over the company in 2003, and in 2004, a Management Buy-out was conducted, confirming new ownership.

The local company continues to adhere to and respect the good business standards and procedures of the original parent company, continuing the tradition.

Our brief history:

  • 1969 – First representation of ICL, Interexport ICL
  • 1977 – Second representation of ICL, Mladost Zastupstva, ICL
  • 1990 – ICL d.o.o., a local branch opened as soon as possible
  • 2002 – Fujitsu Services, name change in line with global rebranding
  • 2003 – Fujitsu Services, local management, finally, a management buy-out
  • 2004 – BCC Services (Business Critical Computing) Services
  • 2007 – Branch offices opened: BCC Services d.o.o. Split and BCC Services d.o.o. Belgrade
  • 2007 – Branch office opened: BCC Services d.o.o. Sarajevo