Irvine, CA – January 16, 2024

A New Chapter Begins: Kofax is now Tungsten Automation | Kofax

A new chapter begins: Kofax is now Tungsten Automation

On January 16, 2024, for Kofax marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in its nearly 40-year history: Kofax is now Tungsten Automation. This new name embodies the characteristics of Kofax workflow automation software: robust, reliable, and purpose-built to deliver unparalleled innovation. This transformation also reflects Kofax’s evolution from a pioneer in document capture to a global provider of intelligent workflow automation solutions powered by AI (artificial intelligence).

Kofax started its journey as an innovative document capture company, assisting businesses in transitioning from paper-based processing to automated data entry, enabling document management, and enhancing their operations. Over the years, they evolved into a trusted global leader in intelligent automation, providing companies with the capabilities needed to automate their most critical content and data-intensive workflows. Today, Kofax’s cloud-first strategy for workflow automation, powered by Gen-AI, significantly improves efficiency and reduces costs for many of the world’s largest companies.