Simplifying GDPR Compliance


Complying with new and multifaceted regulations can be a challenge for your business.
At HPE, we break down all aspects of GDPR into modules. Read through and pick and choose the solutions you need to cover your business, all provided with our quality and expertise as standard.

Accelerating growth… securely

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is currently the world’s most important regulation involving individuals’ information, because data is the currency of successful business. GDPR sets the foundation for how multinational organizations protect, and derive value from, sensitive customer information. HPE delivers a flexible, modular, intelligent set of solutions to help customers identify and take action on customer data in accordance with GDPR. Armed with deep insight into customer data, organizations can streamline and drive cost efficiencies into the process of protecting, leveraging, and taking action on this information. All with the peace of mind that compliance and security are taken care of with expert solutions.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help enterprises grow securely. This e-book offers insights into the GDPR and shows example of HPE solutions and customer use cases which protect the digital

The risks of non-compliance

Fines of up to 4% of parent company annual revenue (max. 20 million Euros)
Mandatory breach notification within 72 hours unless the PII was encrypted

What GDPR means for the enterprise

Compliance can be complicated. HPE makes it easier than ever to take on big changes with certainly. For every challenge, we have a product in our portfolio that answers the need:

Personal Data Assessment
• Build a common operating model to deal with a privacy or cyber breach
• Create and test a robust cyber resilience plan

Protect Personally Identifiable Information
• Protect data in use, in transit and at rest to ensure that when a breach occurs the
information remains confidential

Enable the Right to be Forgotten
• Take control of data throughout its lifecycle

Notify breaches within 72 hours
• Identify and contain breaches and enable a comprehensive response to threats
• Harden applications to identify and address vulnerabilities

Personal Data Assessment

Classify GDPR-responsive data first Not all data that an organization stores is in scope with GDPR. Failure to determine the subset of your information that is subject to GDPR regulations may result in accidental non-compliance, as inefficacy and added cost.
HPE ControlPoint and HPE Structured Data Manager are optimized to help you quickly and efficiently determine what portion of your unstructured and structured information respectively are responsive to these regulations. Powered by rich HPE analytics, these technologies bridge formerly distinct data silos, deliver granular insight into information, and surface only the most-critical and sensitive data. With this insight, organizations can automate the classification and tagging of the right information, so only in-scope data is managed, secured and governed based on GDPR regulations for maximum protection at minimal cost and effort.

Effectively safeguard Personally

Identifiable Information Protect your data in use, in transit, and at rest The new GDPR calls out encryption as an approach to mitigate risks associated with the processing of sensitive data, including the need to accept that information in any format is to be addressed – hard copy, audio, visual and alpha-numeric. Companies must also meet the challenge of protecting payment card information and personal health information to ensure the online security of customers.

HPE has one of the largest and most varied portfolios for encryption and security:
• HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager (HPE ESKM), which helps protect sensitive PII and PHI with strong encryption key management for data at rest.
HPE SecureMail – endpoint-to-endpoint encryption for sensitive emails and attachments.
HPE SecureData protects sensitive data across the enterprise, at rest, in motion and in use, with HPE Hyper Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE), HPE Hyper Secure Stateless Tokenization
(SST) and HPE Stateless Key Management.