eUPD is an innovative electronic business document management system that solves the problems of recording, distribution, archiving of all documents and electronic mail in today’s information-intensive organizations.  eUPD is browser-based, providing a user interface that is familiar to everyone and easy to learn and use. Because it operates on a web-based platform, the documents are accessible organization-wide, meaning the application can be used at a single or multiple locations – the location is used to determine access permissions for documents and data. BCC’s reliable and respectable partners are in the base weaving of this product also: eUPD can rely on Kofax industry for handle scanning quickly and accurately; eUPD is based on MS Sharepoint to archive, control and retrieve all electronic documents.

The main features of the application we want to emphasize:

  • Registration, Managing, Cancel of Outgoing, Incoming, Internal Mail and Invoices
  • Sophisticated capabilities of search engine to retrieval documents by content or any other meta-data regarding Mail
  • Reduces time for archive and copying of physical documents and distribution, as well as prevent the loss of the documentation
  • Improved staff productivity means less time spent searching for documents or trying to find the current version. Faster document review and approval cycles, particularly where multiple reviewers and approvers are involved in the business process
  • Enhanced competitive situation due to improved internal document processes

eUPD Corporate (MS Sharepoint 2010)


eUPD Government (MS Sharepoint 2010)

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