The Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia ensures the uniform application of laws and equal justice to all citizens. It discusses all important legal issues arising from the court practice and hears appeals against decisions given by the county courts, High Commercial Court an Administrative Court. Decisions of the Supreme Court are a source of binding interpretations for other courts, so they are treated as another source of law, equally with parliamentary legislations and administrative regulations.

At the beginning of 2003, within the EU funded project “Support for the Modernization of the Croatian Judiciary”, a project aimed at establishing the system for publishing court cases (case law), was initiated. The project was intended to ensure availability of the rulings and decisions of the Supreme Court and other courts on the Internet, not only for the legal community, but also for the general public. BCC Services d.o.o. (Fujitsu Services d.o.o. at the time) was selected as supplier of equipment and design, development  and implementation of the SuPra solution, based on the Meridio eDRM (enterprise Document and Records Management) system.