In 2005 an EU funded project was initiated with the objective to establish CCA information system which will provide IT support for the legal procedures in the field of Croatian state aid.

The system termed Croatian State Aid Database System, or CROSADS, is the system for case processing (Case Management) that monitors the government aid grants, i.e supervises the granting process and the usage of the grants, to avoid possible breaches of the Law on protection of competition.

Custom application developed and implemented within the second EU funded project provided IT solution for supporting all other important processes within the Agency. Key features of the integrated system are: case management with integrated business process management and document management functionality, and statistical and legal related reporting. The system supports handling of different types of cases within the Agency and actually portrays electronically representation of the CCA’s cases and procedures, including performance monitoring and reporting.

The following technologies are used for building CROSADS system: Meridio eDRM system for document and records management, Kofax Capture for scanning and transforming paper documents into accurate, retrievable information, K2 comprehensive software for building process-driven workflow, including Microsoft environment (SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory) where all these systems are fully integrated.

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