Information Management is key to addressing the top concerns of senior executives – but doing it effectively is not easy. We provide Information Management solutions that address the real pressure points:

  • Case Management to improve efficiency of the back office by automating key business processes
  • Business Insight to improve customer experience through a better view of how organisational performance meets their changing needs
  • Collaboration services for improved business agility
  • Information Risk Management to help organisations secure their information and comply with regulation
  • Enterprise Content Management solutions to manage complexity and help organisations create, approve, publish and manage information across multiple channels, from the web to old fashioned paper

Better manage your information. Ensure the right information is available in the right place at the right time.

Enterprise Content Management
Share knowledge, collaborate on projects and improve business processes

We can help you

  • Reuse, repurpose, and share content
  • Quickly locate and access important company information and media, including images, audio, video and website content
  • Streamline content-intensive business processes and speed online access to vital information
Business Intelligence
Transform raw data into business insights to effectively guide organizational direction

We can help you

  • Improve the quality and timeliness of your business information
  • Identify organizational pitfalls while discovering new business opportunities
  • Improve your competitive advantage by gaining new insight and boosting performance
  • Convert data from a variety of sources into usable formats and create consistent and accurate data models
  • Establish a foundation for fact-based decision making that can lead to increased revenue, improved efficiencies and reduced operational costs
Portal Application Integration
Transform existing IT systems into gateways of vital business information

We can help you

  • Coordinate activities, share data, and manage resources and content efficiently across multiple geographic locations
  • Simplify complex operations, streamline vendor interaction and supply chains, boost productivity and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Streamline business processes, integrate workflows and develop collaborative online business communities
  • Support all intranet, extranet and web applications across the enterprise within one integrated platform
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of different content types, including documents, forms, images and emails
  • Ensure repository stability and consistency, regardless of infrastructure solution, storage location or content type

Let us help you manage your information management needs!

The clock is ticking.