Our Infrastructure Services increase the efficiency of your business operations and drive continuous improvement, whilst easing the burden on your IT staff.

From project based engagements to the provision of ongoing managed services, all our Infrastructure Services are delivered by industry leading practitioners, informed by extensive client experience and a wealth of expertise.

Our Infrastructure Services include:

Managed Data Centre

For low cost, flexible data centre systems

Organisations typically spend too much on IT infrastructure, consuming budget funds that could be better spent on business facing improvements. The reality is that some systems infrastructure does not need to be dedicated to a single task. Utilisation can be increased significantly – which means our customers spend less capital purchasing IT, have higher returns on their investment and have lower operational expenditure.

We eliminate the unnecessary costs too often found in IT infrastructure and data centre facilities, so customers can redeploy budget funds to business facing improvements or for bottom line savings. We use our knowledge, and expertise in corporate computing to transform data centre systems for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

By exploiting the flexibility and deployment speeds of trusted cloud computing alongside dedicated IT infrastructure, we enable a step change in IT efficiency and much faster implementation of new business systems.

Managed Desktop

For a lower cost, higher quality user experience

Our Managed Desktop take care of your desktop environment driving out cost, improving workforce productivity and ensuring the flexibility to meet changing business demands.

Where in the past standardising the desktop environment was viewed as a key way to deliver cost savings, organisations now need to contend with and support a diversity of:

  • Technology devices: from PCs and laptops to the proliferation of tablets and smartphones
  • User expectations: with a workforce comprising baby boomers, generation x and digital natives
  • User roles: from task workers and knowledge workers to mobile users and office-based executives
  • Locations: providing flexible access to computing resources whether in the office, at home, on the move or at a WiFi hotspot

Our desktop services have been designed to both manage this diversity and respond effectively as needs change. So if your workforce contracts or expands, as the need to support more flexible and mobile working practices grows – and as consumer technology becomes more accepted in the workplace, you have the flexibility and capability to meet these demands.

Managed Network

Improving network efficiency and performance

Our Network Services ensure the high availability and performance of your network solution whatever your business workloads, enabling you to redirect budget and resources to more strategic initiatives.

While network communication demands continue to increase, organisations require constant network availability and the highest levels of performance. Any latency or service outages can have a real impact on staff productivity and your organisation’s ability to meet its customer needs.

Faced with rising network maintenance costs and constant network security threats, not to mention pressure to do more with less, how much longer can you keep your network running at its best?

Managed networks: a more efficient option

Our Network Services enable you to outsource the management of all or specific parts of your voice and data networks to an expert trusted partner.

We offer comprehensive and bespoke managed network services addressing all matters relating to the set-up and operation of highly efficient corporate networks, including planning through to network maintenance and network security services.

Whatever the complexity of your requirements, we can provide a single source of expertise and experience. From managing your migration to Voice over IP (VoIP) to deploying high quality LAN, WAN, SAN or MPLS VPN environments, we offer the levels of performance your business expects, while driving out cost.

Meeting your network demands:

  • Deliver constant network availability and performance
  • Ensure flexibility and scalability to meet future requirements
  • Reduce operating and administrative costs
  • Minimise risk and maximise security
  • Support data centre consolidation and increased application performance
Service Desk

Deliver a consistent and compelling IT service experience backed by a commitment to continuous improvement

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Our Managed Infrastructure Services cut costs and boost efficiency through technological innovation and a focus on high-quality service design.

You decide whether to have our experts support the management of your IT environment, or delegate responsibility for your IT infrastructure, in full or in part, to us.  We support you in every phase of the IT life cycle – from the analysis and design concept to implementation and ongoing management and support.