Organisations typically spend too much on IT infrastructure, consuming budget funds that could be better spent on business facing improvements. The reality is that some systems infrastructure does not need to be dedicated to a single task. Utilisation can be increased significantly – which means our customers spend less capital purchasing IT, have higher returns on their investment and have lower operational expenditure.

We eliminate the unnecessary costs too often found in IT infrastructure and data centre facilities, so customers can redeploy budget funds to business facing improvements or for bottom line savings. We use our knowledge, and expertise in corporate computing to transform data centre systems for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

By exploiting the flexibility and deployment speeds of trusted cloud computing alongside dedicated IT infrastructure, we enable a step change in IT efficiency and much faster implementation of new business systems.

Data Centre Assessments

Our data centre consultants identify ways to improve; IT infrastructure, system operations and data centre facilities. They review and recommend the way forward for any aspect, including cloud computing assessments, creating a roadmap that achieves your business and IT objectives.

Data Centre Optimisation

Our data centre systems specialists transform existing IT infrastructure, system operations and data centre facilities to implement improvement plans. Using our knowledge, experience and tools, we de-risk the change-programme, ensuring delivery on time and budget.

Data Centre Outsource

We take responsibility for achieving the required service levels and transforming the infrastructure, operations and data centres. We eliminate unnecessary costs, improve service levels, increase IT flexibility and enable faster deployment of new business systems.

System Management
Our system managers and administrators manage systems round the clock, day in day out, ensuring system availability, security and reliability in line with business demands.