Virtualization should be easy, fast, open, and affordable

Some customers are new to virtualization. Some are switching entirely to a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization-based solution. Others are using Red Hat as a second vendor to remove lock-in and save money.

Your strategic alternative to proprietary virtualization.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 is a complete virtualization management solution for server and desktop virtualization and the first enterprise-ready, fully open source virtualization platform. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization represents a true strategic virtualization alternative to organizations looking for better total cost of ownership (TCO), faster return on investment (ROI), accelerated break-even, and freedom from vendor lock-in.

Why our customers love RHEV? So why should you choose Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization?

  • Performance and scalability. Leading performance and scalability for real-world enterprise applications like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Exchange
  • Security. Industry-leading security built on the security-hardened Red Hat Enterprise Linux® kernel.
  • Enterprise features. Enterprise virtualization management features, including live migration, high availability, load balancing, power saving, and more.
  • Agility. Business agility and continuity by eliminating the dependencies between the desktop operating system and the underlying hardware.
  • Cost advantage. Through the power of Red Hat’s software subscription model, benefit from lower acquisition and total ownership costs for the same or better feature set when compared to other solutions.

The same reason our customers are choosing it:

  • Open: No lock-in with a fully open source solution.
  • Cross-platform: Great performance for Microsoft Windows and Linux® guests.
  • Enterprise-ready: Powerful mix of enterprise features and a rich set of partners.
  • Affordable: Lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment than an equivalent proprietary solution.
  • High-performance: Top virtualization benchmarks for performance and scalability for Windows and Linux workloads—so you can be confident it will power your virtual machine workloads.
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For Servers:

Virtualize your entire datacenter and boost your capital and operational efficiency with our end-to-end serever virtualization solution.

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For Desktops:

Virtualize your desktop infrastructure – and improve data security, ease desktop management, and give users an identical experience to existing PCs.