A single solution for easy-to-use and powerful virtualization management

Veeam ONE™ is a single easy-to-use, powerful and affordable solution for monitoring and reporting for multiple vCenter Servers and standalone hosts, including those running free vSphere Hypervisor. With Veeam ONE, you gain complete visibility of your entire virtual infrastructure, improved performance and availability of your virtual environment, and optimized configuration and utilization of your virtualization resources.

Veeam ONE integrates the power of Veeam Monitor™, Reporter™ and Business View™ to deliver the capabilities that matter most to virtualization administrators:

  • Real-time monitoring: Well-informed and unattended 24×7 monitoring of your entire virtual infrastructures makes sure you are the first to know about performance and availability issues, while an extensive knowledge base helps you quickly pinpoint root cause and resolve these issues
  • Change tracking: Capturing the who, what, where, when and how of changes in your virtual infrastructure helps you improve change workflows and investigate unexpected performance disruptions caused by problematic changes
  • Documentation and management reporting: Automated and on-demand documentation of the virtual infrastructure and management reporting to supply your stakeholders with the accurate and timely information they need

Manage your increasingly complex and mission-critical virtual environment with a solution from Veeam, the recognized leader in virtualization management and data protection.