Forefront Threat Management Gateway is a secure web gateway that provides comprehensive protection against web-based threats by integrating multiple layers of protections into a unified, easy-to-use solution. Forefront TMG allows your employees to safely and productively use the Internet for business without worrying about malware and other threats.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple Web security technologies in a single solution.
  • Multiple URL filtering data sources for better blocking.
  • Intrusion prevention against exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Built-in, proven network protections of ISA 2006.

The Forefront TMG solution includes two components:

Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 Server

Provides URL filtering, antimalware inspection, intrusion prevention, application and network-layer firewall and HTTP/HTTPS inspection in a single solution.

Forefront Threat Management Gateway Web Protection Service

Provides continuous updates for malware filtering and access to cloud-based URL filtering technologies aggregated from multiple web security vendors to protect against the latest Web-based threats.

Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 (TMG) protects your employees from Web-based threats by integrating multiple layers of security into an easy-to-manage solution. Deployed on your corporate network as a unified gateway, Forefront TMG 2010 inspects web traffic at the network, application and content layers to help ensure comprehensive protection. It also improves your organization’s firewall performance by offloading processor-intensive functions like inspection for malware.

The secure web gateway solution includes:

  • The Forefront TMG 2010 server, which provides multiple inspection technologies, including application-and network-layer firewall, intrusion prevention, and malware filtering to keep your users safe from web-based attacks. It connects to the Forefront TMG Web Protection Service for URL filtering and anti-malware updates.
  • Forefront TMG Web Protection Service (included in Forefront Protection Suite or as a stand-alone purchase), which delivers anti-malware updates and provides a real-time connection to cloud-based URL filtering technologies that can be used to monitor or block employee web usage.
  • A management console, which offers both local and remote policy management for servers.
  • A management server (included with Forefront TMG Enterprise Edition), which enables the creation of enterprise-wide policies that can be assigned to an array of servers.

Forefront TMG 2010 can scale performance when administrators cluster multiple gateways or deploy Forefront TMG 2010 at individual sites. It can easily be deployed in two modes: as a standalone server to deliver maximum performance, or as a virtualized machine that can be combined with other applications to reduce hardware costs.

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