Can improving your storage efficiency really improve overall IT efficiency?

Yes, it can.

NetApp® efficient data storage solutions maintain or even boost IT performance while improving storage utilization and infrastructure efficiency, storing data using fewer systems, consuming less space and power, and lowering operational costs.

For most organizations, storage utilization represents a significant portion of the IT budget. Improving your environment’s storage efficiency can help boost overall IT efficiency. Imagine reclaiming underutilized time, money, and resources, just by looking at storage efficiency optimization through a new lens.

Suncorp, for instance, improved its storage efficiency, cut 30% out of its total IT budget, and applied its savings to new projects. By increasing its IT efficiency, Suncorp was able to transform IT from a cost center into an innovation hub.

NetApp offers one of the most complete portfolios of sustained efficiency solutions, technologies, and features that provide a more efficient storage environment (including our competition’s systems).

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