NetApp Virtual Storage Tier lets you scale performance and capacity and achieve the highest level of storage efficiency.

Key Points

  • Automated storage tiering
  • Data-driven, real-time responsiveness
  • Optimized solution for low cost and maximum efficiency
  • Reduced complexity with out-of-the-box operation

NetApp® Virtual Storage Tier (VST) is a self-managing, data-driven service layer for storage infrastructure. It provides real-time assessment of workload-based priorities and optimizes I/O data requests for cost and performance—without requiring complex data classification. Default data placement is to the lowest cost physical storage available (most often high-capacity SATA) because VST uses intelligent caching to leverage Flash-based technology with minimal I/O and CPU overhead.On-demand data promotion is based on actual usage patterns, ensuring immediate response to changing workload demands. Virtual Storage Tier is compatible with both SAN and NAS environments and related data protection and business continuity requirements.Built on NetApp’s fundamental strengths in storage efficiency and intelligent caching, Virtual Storage Tier provides:

  • Real-time, data-driven response to your most demanding application workloads
  • Full flash technology integration: both PCIe and solid-state disk (SSD)
  • Industry-leading efficiency through data deduplication and thin cloning integration
  • Out-of-the-box operation, so you can set it and forget it