NetApp unified storage architecture provides you with the most flexible and scalable storage and data management platform in the industry. Our innovative solutions deliver new alternatives to expand possibilities for you.

Your storage demands are growing. We can help.

Our unified storage architecture uses just one set of software and processes across all tiers of storage. This lowers your administrative costs and makes it easier for you to deploy new capabilities across your enterprise.

All NetApp storage systems are configured with our Data ONTAP operating system. A single process for activities such as installation, provisioning, mirroring, backup, and upgrading is used throughout our entire product line.

Key Points:

  • Architectural simplicity – we maximize the impact of your IT investment.
  • Integrated data management – our high-productivity storage and data management tools are designed to optimize integration with your servers and business applications.
  • Advanced data protection – our leading backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and data security solutions ensure your peace of mind.

Having a single set of software and processes brings unrivaled simplicity to your complex enterprise data management.

Unifying storage and data management software and processes reduces the complexity of data ownership, enables you to adapt to changing business conditions without interruption, and results in a dramatic reduction of your total cost of ownership.