NetApp storage security systems deliver nondisruptive, comprehensive integrity and confidentiality of your data, protecting sensitive information across the enterprise.

Every organization needs to ensure that intellectual property and confidential information are protected from unauthorized disclosure. It is every employee’s responsibility to help your company comply with industry and government regulations, and preserve your company’s reputation by avoiding a publicized data security breach. NetApp has partnered with industry leaders to deliver a portfolio of solutions that help support you in these goals with a multipronged approach to data security:

  • NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) provides transparent set-and-forget protection of your information. Both deduplication and data compression are supported, enabling you to benefit from NetApp’s well-known storage efficiency savings.
  • Brocade Encryption Switches and blades (BES) encrypt data at rest on disk and tape in Fibre Channel environments.
  • The new SafeNet KeySecure key management appliance manages your encryption keys from a single console, strengthening and simplifying your long-term key management needs.
  • NetApp® MultiStore® software creates multiple virtual storage systems within a single physical storage system. With MultiStore software, you can enable multiple users to share the same storage resource without compromising privacy and security.
  • Integrated antivirus scanning is a must-have feature to protect corporate data from malware attack. NetApp partners with leading vendors to protect corporate data from computer viruses.

Key Points:

  • Maintain regulatory and business policy compliance.
  • Provide data integrity and confidentiality and reduce risk of unauthorized disclosure.
  • Protect multivendor or multiprotocol storage environments.
  • Prevent access to data if drives are stolen, repurposed, or sold.
  • Securely compartmentalize data in your storage.