SnapManager For Exchange and SQL Server

  • Host software for managing Exchange and SQL Server backup and restore. SnapManager software simplifies Exchange data protection by automating processes to provide hands-off, worryfree data management.
  • SnapManager also delivers built-in high availability, with features that allow you to expand Exchange databases online.
  • Designed to enable you to schedule and automate Exchange database backups, use policy-based backup retention management, and simplify the migration of existing databases to NetApp storage systems.
  • It also offers tight integration with Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) and MultiPath I/O (MPIO) as well as with NetApp Clustered Failover option and SnapMirror for simplified disaster recovery implementation.

SnapManager for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

  • Fast and storage efficient backups
  • More frequent backups due to speed and efficiency
  • No performance degradation from online backups
  • Instantaneous access to backup data
  • Automation eliminates manual errors
  • Extremely fastand accurate data recovery
  • Reduce downtime from outages
  • Automation saves administrative time
  • Recovery using Snapshots is very fast
  • Extraction capability recovers individual Sites, Sub-sites, Libraries, Lists, Files and Versions in minutes
  • Recovery is non-disruptive

 SnapManager® for Oracle

  • SnapManager automates and simplifies the complex manual and time-consuming processes associated with the backup, restore, recovery and cloning of Oracle databases.
  • It provides the ability to create, use, and clone a database for use by non-production team capability.
  • SnapManager automatically identifies the backup data set and puts the database in hot backup mode while a Snapshot copy is created to ensure consistency.
  • Any backup can be immediately verified, or verification can be deferred.
  • Backups can be performed at regular intervals throughout the day and ensures that restores occur quickly with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.
  • It also integrates with native Oracle technology such as RAC, RMAN, and ASM and across iSCSI and NFS protocols to allow IT organizations to:
  • Scale their storage infrastructure
  • Meet increasingly stringent SLA commitments
  • Improve the productivity of databases storage administrator across the enterprise

 SnapManager for SAP

  •  SnapManager backs up in seconds
  • Snapshot copies verified for integrity and stored
  • Near instantaneous restores from Snapshot
  • Dramatically shortened recovery with automated log replays
  • Automated recovery tasks
  • Near-instant clones from Snapshot
  • Automated cloning operation
  • Reduce downtime from outages
  • Automation eliminates manual errors Data ONTAP Software Feature / Capability