RAID-DP technology safeguards data from double-disk failure and delivers high performance.

NetApp® RAID-DP® technology, a standard feature of the Data ONTAP® operating system, is a double-parity RAID 6 implementation that prevents data loss when two drives fail.

Key Points

  • Protect against double disk failure with Double Parity RAID 6.
  • Safeguard data without sacrificing the performance you need.
  • Use lower-cost SATA disk for enterprise applications, without worry.

We integrated RAID-DP with the WAFL® (Write Anywhere File Layout) file system to ensure that the dedicated parity drives don’t become a performance bottleneck. You get data protection plus the performance you need for your most demanding applications.

RAID-DP makes SATA disks an option for your enterprise storage. You can use less-expensive SATA disks without worrying about data loss, while lowering your data storage acquisition costs and boosting your storage efficiency.

Designed to survive all 2-disk failure scenarios


  • Essential for SATA drives but also applicable to FC drives
  • Breakthrough innovation: USENIX Best Paper in 2004
  • Protects better than single-parity RAID or RAID0+1
  • No performance penalty for industry-leading protection
  • Traditional single-parity RAID technology offers protection from a single failed disk drive.
  • The expectation is that no other disk fails nor uncorrectable bit errors not occur during a read operation while reconstruction of the failed disk is still in progress.
  • If either event occurs during reconstruction, then some or all data contained in the RAID array or volume could be lost. With modern larger disk media, the likelihood of an uncorrectable bit error is fairly high, since disk capacities have increased but bit error rates have stayed the same.
  • The ability of traditional single-parity RAID to protect data is being stretched beyond its limits.