FlexClone technology creates exact, virtual copies of data volumes, files, and LUNs without additional storage space.

NetApp® FlexClone® technology instantly replicates data volumes and datasets as transparent, virtual copies—true clones—without compromising performance or demanding additional storage space.

Key Points

  • Speed development and testing for faster time to market.
  • Replicate data volumes, files, and LUNs as instant virtual copies.
  • Provide instant, scalable provisioning for virtual servers and desktops.
  • Reduce space, power, and cooling costs through efficient data storage.

You can use each cloned volume for essential business operations such as:

  • Testing and bug fixing
  • Fast, efficient provisioning of server and desktop images
  • Platform and upgrade checks
  • Multiple simulations against large datasets
  • Remote-office testing and staging
  • Creating market-specific product variations

FlexClone technology lets you create dataset replicas of entire NetApp Data ONTAP® volumes as well as individual file or LUN replicas. It reduces the cost, storage footprint, and complexity of environments that support new-product development, software and penetration testing, or deployment of virtual server infrastructures.

NetApp FlexClone efficiency and virtualization mean you can afford to create all the clones needed to improve productivity, develop and test applications faster, and get to market sooner.