NetApp Flash Pool, a Data ONTAP feature, automates storage tiering for higher speed and efficiency at lower costs.

Key Points

  • Automates the use of solid state disk (SSD) storage
  • Speeds response times and reduces latency
  • Improves I/O performance
  • Enhances data storage efficiency
  • Reduces storage acquisition, deployment, and operating costs

NetApp® Flash Pool, an integral component of the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier, enables automated storage tiering. NetApp Flash Pool lets you mix solid state disk (SSD) technology and hard disk (HDD) technology at the aggregate level, to achieve SSD-like performance at HDD-like prices.

Available without additional software licensing and implemented at the storage array level, this Data ONTAP® feature:

  • Helps you respond to challenging service-level agreements (SLAs) while containing costs
  • Provides RAID-protected SSD storage, important for write-intensive applications such as OLTP
  • Delivers data persistence through high-availability (HA) failover events
  • Boosts the efficiency of your data storage environment
  • Lets you deploy low-cost SATA disk drives as your primary HDD tier, to minimize cost, space, and power
  • Works out of the box with default settings, making it easy to deploy and simple to manage

NetApp Flash Pool can reduce the acquisition, deployment, and operating costs of your data storage while increasing performance.