Enterprises today increasingly turn to array-based snapshots to augment or replace legacy data protection solutions that have been overwhelmed by exponential data growth. Existing snapshot tools diversify in functionality, automation, scripting requirements, hardware support and application awareness. Each database or application has its own backup characteristics which must be considered, and snapshot management can be difficult and expensive. The administrator must perform many manual tasks and scripts to generate application-consistent snapshots.

The ETERNUS Snapshot Manager is feature-rich software that is used to manage and catalog application-consistent hardware snapshots of ETERNUS DX arrays without scripting. The software offers granular, rapid and consistent recovery of data across physical and virtual environments to minimize downtime and enhance business productivity. The software centralizes snapshot management across ETERNUS DX arrays and automates object, application and database recovery.

Recommended Service: 24 x 7 Fujitsu support for enterprise class services.

Features & Benefits
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Features Benefits

  • Snapshot support for industry’s broadest application and file systems
  • Improves data availability and business productivity
  • Eliminates multiple management and operational costs
  • Ease of use, reduces administration efforts and IT resources

  • Ensures coherent data handling for applications
  • Generates index and catalog of snapshot data
  • Improves data availability and business productivity
  • Increases protection for mission-critical data with low production impact
  • Simplifies application protection and speeds up recovery process to minimize business disruption

  • No scripting
  • Comprehensive scheduling capability
  • Integrated reporting
  • Improves RPOs and RTOs by allowing more frequent copies and faster restores
  • Ease of use, frees up administration and IT resources
  • Eliminates risk, improves business agility and increases efficiency

  • Single console with central GUI for multiple ETERNUS DX arrays
  • Ease of use
  • Enhances productivity
  • Lowers infrastructure and operational costs

  • Quickly find and recover individual files of indexed snapshots
  • Granular and consistent recovery of applications and files
  • Improves data availability and business productivity
  • Speeds up and simplifies recovery process
Technical Details
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General Specification
Supported Devices Disk Storage Systems ETERNUS DX80 S2ETERNUS DX90 S2




Supported Applications
Microsoft ExchangeSQL


Oracle Oracle DB
SAP SAP on Oracle
Oracle (Open Source) My SQL
Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows
Linux CentOS, Oracle Enterprise, Red Hat, SUSE Enterprise Server
Unix (1) Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX
Hypervisor VMware
Notes(1) Only on special release