Enterprise data is one of the most valuable assets in any company. Only an effective data protection strategy can prevent data losses that can threaten the competitiveness or even the very existence of an enterprise. Fujitsu offers a complete portfolio of world class data protection products and services with ETERNUS CS at its heart.

ETERNUS CS Data Protection Appliances


The ETERNUS CS data protection appliances offer an outstanding data protection for dynamic infrastructures. ETERNUS CS minimizes backup times and fulfills all recovery time objectives for each business critical environment.

Efficient Archiving


While companies keep information for legal and compliance reasons, it’s also in the interest of the company itself to preserve information from the past for the future. The data has to be kept for a long time, sometimes 10 years, and sometimes 100 years. Sustaining information that long requires a suitable IT environment. Many companies just keep their backups that long.

Efficient Data Protection

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Efficient Data Protection from Fujitsu offers products and services with future-ready technologies to attain the best and most efficient way of keeping data protected. Taking a number of trends into consideration results in perfect interplay of all components.