Platforms for the modern enterprise

SPARC servers are proven UNIX systems based on the latest high-performance processor architecture (SPARC T5 for T5 processor based (up to 8 CPU sockets) SPARC Entry server, SPARC M5-32 for SPARC M5 processor based (up to 32 CPU sockets) SPARC Enterprise Server and Fujitsu M10 for SPARC64 X™ processor based (up to 64 CPU sockets) SPARC Enterprise High-end servers) and running Oracle Solaris 10 and 11, the most world’s most popular UNIX operating environment.

SPARC Enterprise Servers

Enterprise server systems with mainframe class features, running Oracle Solaris 10 and 11

SPARC Operating Systems

This is the age of e-business: Digital infrastructures are increasingly becoming the indispensable backbone supporting worldwide eBusiness processes. To ensure reliability and high availability, Fujitsu provides you with computing systems one can trust!


Get the most out of our servers by giving them a fine-tune with storage and other peripheral components.

System management

Making sure different systems in an enterprise network function effectively and securely.